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Hello world, my name is

Calvin McClure.

I am a Software Engineer specializing in software development, as well as network and system security. Recently I have been...
- Graduated from Arizona State University (2021)
- Web and mobile app developer at XLR8 Development (2017-2021)
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About Me.

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Hi, my name is Calvin and I have had an interest in tech my whole life. When I was younger, I never imagined I would learn so much about how it works.
My intro to web development started in high school at the coding West-MEC program in 2015. After this, I was sure it was something I wanted to pursue professionally. So, I continued to Arizona State University where I have now completed my Bachelors in Computer Science (Cyber Security). While at ASU, I have been programming professionally at XLR8 Development honing my skills at web and mobile app development.
These days, I am applying to full time positions and am open to new opportunities. I cannot wait to see where my degree and professional experience will lead me to next. I am excited to learn new technologies and spread into new roles!
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XLR8 Development


Qwaltec Internship

(May - July 2021)

Full Stack Developer

I have worked at XLR8 as a software developer part-time for the last four years. This has been a super valuable experience where I was able to work on web and mobile apps for multiple businesses. I worked directly with clients to help them get the product they were happy with. In addition to full stack development, I also managed teams on a couple of the projects.
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An android app built with Java. It makes it easy to send personalized cards straight to the recipient.


An education platform for ASU students (and others interested) to learn about, and practice, core cybersecurity concepts in a hands-on fashion.

Final Mile Solar

A website for installers and homeowners to create a simple, efficient solution to enhance the solar-buying and installation experience.


An android app built for tablet and tv sized devices with java. It supports doctors offices with staff location, communication, and data analytics.
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Arizona State University

Computer Science (Cyber Sec.)


West-MEC CTE Program

Coding Program


Computer Science (Cyber Security)

At ASU I had a lot of time to practice the concepts I learned at West-Mec. In addition to strengthening the skills I already had I also learned a lot about other parts of the computer. I got lessons on each part of the computer from lower level topics like hardware logic, and assembly languages to higher level topics such as theoretical computer science, operating systems, algorithms, and cybersecurity.